Magic Arms and Armor

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Magic Arms and Armor

Postby rlyeh on 18th Mar, 10, 16:23

Links to the magic items posted on the Sea of Stars Design Journal:

Armor and Shields:

Sarpathian Shield, for those who serve in mass formations.

Shield of the People, defend the oppressed!

Weapons and Weapon Enhancements-

Badge: Light of Taren Kost, a minor reward for those who aid the city.

Battle Staff, for those who like the staff.

Disciplinarian's Baton, keep those troops in order.

Harvest Moon Bow, this bow does more than just harm.

Hematophagic Blade, are you hungry for blood? This sword is.

Icicle Crossbow, revenge is always served cold with this weapon.

Magic Javelins, a variety of better javelins.

Scrapper's Cestus, hit harder, fight dirty.

Sling Bullets: Hail Stone, Take That Bullet, Wailing Stone. More options for slingers. [FATE Conversion]

Soulshard Weapons, cruel and dangerous weapons, both to the wielder and their enemies.

Steady Spear, to help keep off charging cavalry (and others).

Wayedge, a unique weapon created during the sundering.

Whip-Sword of the Taskmaster, instill fear and make them obey.

New Weapon Enhancements

Weapon Enhancement: Lingering Wounds, when you want to send some one a message . . . of how much you hate them

Weapon Enhancement: Wicked, ways to cause more damage.
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