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Magic Items

Postby rlyeh on 19th Oct, 09, 18:16

Links to the magic items posted on the Sea of Stars Design Journal:


Ring of Dark Power, awesome magical power . . . for a price.


Wand of Light Entertainment, bring joy and laughter wherever you go.

Wondrous Items:

Belt of Defiance ("Bruising Belt"), an unusual defensive item.

Combat Goggles, for the adventuring wizard. [FATE Conversion]

Courtly Fan of the Wizardess, best not to be unarmed in that most dangerous of places, court. [FATE Conversion]

Cultic Medallion, because minions of the evil cult need something to give them a boost in combat.

Headband of Arcane Vision, a multiuse item for wizards and other users of magic.

Guardian Totem, keeping you safe from hostile magic.

Order Signet, prove you belong to an Order. And common enhancements for the Order Signet.

Pouch of Perfect Stones, so that you never need worry about ammunition for your sling.

Robe of Secure Status, keep you body and your position safe with this item for travelers.

Saddles, a pair of magical saddles one for couriers and one for knights.

Shield Bracelets, every mage needs protection.

Soldier's Sandals, go the army on the go.

Talisman against Curses, protect yourself from evil magic.

Traveler's Cloak, useful for venturers and travelers both.

Expendable Items-

Safety Belt, in basic and deluxe version, safety device for those traveling by sky or star ship.

Sleep Pellets, when you wish to avoid killing (or to make it easier).

Spike Seeds, useful for aiding in an escape or for quick defense.

Tentacle Face Potion, good for a practical joke, nudge, nudge.

I will try to keep this updated as new items are added.
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