Falon Lakazci, The time lost Captain

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Falon Lakazci, The time lost Captain

Postby forvrin on 27th Aug, 10, 20:09

Falon Lakazci was born to a bloodline gods, but with only a spark of the divine, and not a demigod like some of the rest of his family. This meant a life in the church. When the Dragons made war on the Gods, Lakazci became a soldier in that battle. He was there, when the final battle broke the world and created the sea of stars.

During the war, he was known as the Ice Fox, for his ability to constantly evade draconic attacks. When the world was broken, his nemesis, the Dragon Kelikkarakamenathelaus, tracked him down among the giants, where he was aiding them in their war. She came to him in the guise of a woman, and he fell in love with her. When the time came to take him out, Kelikk found that she too loved Falon. Unable to kill him and unable to deny the orders of her empress, she sealed him in stone and let him drift off into space. That was near a thousand years ago.

About 10 years ago, a tramp sky ship came across Falon's drifting tomb, and tried to plunder it. They were shocked when he was found deep in the tomb, sleeping, and managed to break the weakening magical prison. Falon spent some time as a crew member, learning the ropes, then used his shares to purchase the ship when the previous captain wanted to retire. He then began to collect the crew. He is a foreigner to this world, and his manners and mannerisms seem outlandishly old fashioned. Somewhere, he knows, Keli is out there, and he has no idea what will happen when the two of them meet again. For his part, he both longs for her and wishes vengeance on her, sometimes at the same time.

My vote for the ship name is the Selyuime (SEL-YOU-EE-MEI), the name his dragon lover used when they fell in love.

Where are you from- The Old World, The Theoarchy of Hu-Palar
Aspect: The last survivor of a forgotten world.
What are you running from- The spectre of the past. Falon remembers Taren Kost as the circle city.
Aspect: The Last Time I was here ...
What did you bring to the ship- Strategy and Tactics, leadership, and direction
Aspect: The Ice Fox remembers...
What do you want from life- Answers. Does she still love me? Did she ever love me? What has become of my Gods? My Family? My Home?
Aspect: Big Damn Romantic Antihero
Why are you special- I'm thousands of years old with the blood of the divine running through my veins. And great pants.
Aspect: The Scion of the gods.


Leadership +3
Mysticism +2
Resolve +1
Close Combat +1
Academics +1

Childe of the Divine - Use Mysticism to cast spells.
Canny like a fox - Use a an action to swap Falon's Leadership score with another character's skill. The character must be allied with Falon and be in the same zone.

Locket with his mother and Keli's portraits (think wizard photos)
The Sword of the Matriarch -- +1 close combat, aspect "The True Sword of the Kings of Olde"
The Pilot's Log - +1 Academics for navigation

The Selyuime looks to be older, but not decrepit, say a century or two. It's design is only slightly out of date. It began life as a racing ship in the fleet of the Sultan of Grumensk; but was stolen about 150 years ago by his faithless wife and her lover. They were eventually tracked down and brutally murdered in Taren Kost, where the ship fell into the hands of a smuggler. The smuggler eventually retired, and sold the ship to a small principate as a courier vessel, where it finally fell into the hands of the pirates that discovered Falon about a decade before they raided his tomb.

My Aspect for the ship: Secret Speed.
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