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Daimian Diamond the Dwarf

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Daimian Diamond the Dwarf

Ex-chauffeur/concierge for the Grand Wizard VonValiker. He used to be the wizard's driver, body guard, and general "problem solver," however, after "borrowing" the old man's long awaited prototype invention to give it a little "field testing" of his own, he is now flying below the (mystical) radar, keeping one island ahead of the 'ol Wizard's hounds.

He's a 4 foot tall, 2 foot thick, 200 pound lump of Dwarf-flesh. The tangled red mass of hair on top of his head is juxtaposed with a well groomed and braided red beard draping over most of his perfectly-tailored gentleman's suit. A well worn billy-club hangs casually at his side and he peers up at you over the brim of his magically darkened spectacles.

Who did you serve? Wizards may be cranky and lack a thorough understanding of personal hygiene, but at least they payed well.
Aspect: Grand Wizard VonValiker's former doorman.

What are you running from? Sick of hanging around Borusa, the City of Scholars with it's stuffy libraries, magical labs, and boring "safety protocols" Daimian wanted to see what all this magic could do in the real world.
Aspect: "No more tests!"

What did you bring to the ship? If it moves, Daimian can pilot it. If it stops, he can fix it. The one time he failed to meet VonValiker's need for punctuality was a painful lesson not easily forgotten.
Aspect: "I'll get you where your going"

What keeps you going? Once he escaped the stagnant drudgery of Borusa and experienced life on the move, he doesn't want to ever stop moving.
Aspect: Island hopper

Why are you special (even if those bastards don't recognize it)? No one expects the little dwarf in the suit holding the door for you- something he often takes advantage of.
Aspect: Easily Underestimated

"Hear me baby? Hold together." He has spent so long piloting vessels that he knows them like the back of his hand. He might not understand the specifics, but he knows how to get it moving again.
When working with transports, Daimian uses Pilot instead of Engineering.

"No autographs please!" A famous Wizard's body guard has to defend him from fans almost as much as crossbow bolts.
Daimian can add his Social skill to Close Combat or Athletics rolls to "run interference."

Pilot +3
Alertness +1
Athletics +1
Crime +1
Close Combat +1
Social +1
Stealth +1


Nightstick +1 stress For clearing the "riffraff" from VonValiker's front step.
Doorman's Suit +1 to social rolls "His hair may not be 'perfect' but I'd still like to meet his tailor."
Shadow Spectacles +1 to alertness rolls (Magical light-sensitive shades.)

Ship Aspect: "VonValiker's Stellar Transition Device" (A mystical version of the "improbability drive", a solar wind elemental crammed in a box to function as the ships main reactor. Stolen from Grand Wizard VonValiker.)
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