Thag Bolivant, the Lesser (Justin)

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Thag Bolivant, the Lesser (Justin)

Postby Patertron on 1st Jul, 10, 16:29

Lesser Thag Bolivant, also known as Lesser Thag
Profession: Cook and Quartermaster

Thag is mostly giant, but the biggest thing about him is his heart. Or stomach. Or temper. It's hard to tell, he exagerates a lot. He's not strong... for someone his size, anyway. But he can cuddle dwarves like they were little babies - he's that big. His people were, by necessity, nomadic once the Dragons started in on the Giants. He's a flamboyant kind of Gypsy at heart, sort of like if a Kindly and Handsome Olog-hai had played the part of Stromboli in Pinocchio. He is somewhere between 2.5 and 3 meters, being a runty little giant as such things were measured at home camp.

His clan group, the Bolivant, usually bears triplets sharing a name, and are ranked by birth/size/drinking ability. He could have been just Thag, or even Great Thag... but instead he was Lesser Thag. He left the Bolivant some 30 years ago, and tends to stick with shorter travelling folk, "To stay out of trouble." If you ask him for details about the exodus, he'll likely look wistful, and say: "Well, what do you expect when you throw a barbecue without a ballista?"

He does not eat people.

Thag is a motherly cook crossed with a supportive drill sergeant. He tends to rely on pleasing mannerisms to offset his frightening size in social situations. When fighting, he relies on intimidation and careful preparation. Long battles distress him; fastidious preparation and constant attention to odd details are his coping mechanisms. If he is angry, he begins to look a little... bloodthirsty. He has a complex relationship with cats.

Big Gypsy of Kantun (Where from?)
Ever tried Dragon? (Why running...)
Quartermaster/Cook (Bring to Ship)
Epic Romance is the Secret Yearning of Every Heart (What is he looking for?)
A Considerable Bulkiness (Stands out...)


Mother would be Proud!
He adds Resources + Medicine (and vice versa) when on the ship, at camp, or near a stack of supplies. Fusses over the crew, their gear, feeds them, makes sure they have home remedies, tied boots, sharpened swords - did they bring hats?

This Reminds me of an Old Gypsy Curse...
Lets him roll Mysticism to add a fragile blessing or curse to everyone that mimics (blessing) or fails to mimic (curse) the outlandishly superstitious performance that follows...

Braided Silk Hawser (Aspect: Grapple Ended), Other end is a loop. Used as a Flail/Whip
Magnificent Garb (Stunt: With a Flourish... Roll Athletics instead of Social)
Truly, an Excellent Kitchen Knife (Aspect: It slices, It dices and also Fillets!) For cooking.


Academics (includes Art and Academics)
1 Alertness
2 Athletics (includes Athletics, Endurance and Might?)
2 Close Combat (includes Fists and Weapons)
Command (Leadership, Intimidation)
Crime (includes Burglary, Deceit, Slight of Hand, Forgery?)
1 Medicine
1 Mysticism (Knowledge of magic as well as Magic itself)
Pilot (includes Pilot and Drive)
Ranged Combat
1 Resolve
1 Resources
1 Social (Contacting, Empathy, Rapport)
Ship's Aspect: We have two of those. Somewhere. Help me dig?
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