Courtly Fan of the Wizardess

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Courtly Fan of the Wizardess

Postby WuxiaDaddy on 30th Jul, 09, 17:20

The fan provides the holder with the Aspect "courtly."

A Magic test must be made when using these powers.

Burning Hands, from the Phoenix Side, once per day. This does +1 Stress and places the Aspect "on fire" on anything in its zone. An action can be spent to put the fire out. A successful dodge reduces Stress to 0 and Spin on defense negates the "on fire" Aspect.

Color Spray, from the Peacock Side, once per day. A Resolve roll against a 3 must be made. On a success, nothing happens. If the save misses by 1 (rolls a 2,) the victim receives the Fragile Aspect "stunned." If the save misses by 2 (rolls a 1,) the victim receives the Aspect "blind." This Aspect lasts the scene. If the save missed by 3 (rolls a 0,) the victim is taken out. (This seems a little to powerful. Any thoughts?)

Magic Missile, from snapping the fan open or closed, once per day. This does +2 Stress.

This is the most D20-like magic I've tried to model in Fate. I'm not sure how it matches up, power wise. Sean, you hae experience with both systems. Does this match the power level you were thinking?
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Re: Courtly Fan of the Wizardess

Postby rlyeh on 30th Jul, 09, 21:37

An interesting challenge to convert this over to FATE as it is really a fairly weak D&D item, I think that each slot needs to be limited to once a day and that activating a second (or third) power should cost a fate point.

For the color spray effect, drop the base on the resolve roll to 1 against named characters but 2 against mooks? So that only really poor rolls will knock out major characters.
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