Sailing the Sea of Star (FATE) - Outline

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Sailing the Sea of Star (FATE) - Outline

Postby rlyeh on 18th Apr, 10, 15:32

Basic outline "fantasy Firefly" the crew of a rundown sky ship hop from island to island trying to make ends meet and find that big score.


* (One of:) Where are you from? / What did you do before? / Who did you serve? (as appropriate to the character)
* What are you running from?
* What did you bring to the ship?
* (One of:) What are you searching for? / What do you want from life? / What keeps you going?
* (One of:) What makes you stand out? / Why are you special (even if those bastards don't recognize it)?

Each character starts with two stunts. At least one stunt should be tied to the question "what do you bring to the ship?"

Maximum skill +3, 12 points of skills to start, skills cost equal to the level being bought to for each level (initial skill costs 1, level 2 costs 1 + 2 for a total of 3 and so on)

Base Refresh 5

Base Stress 3 with a unified stress track

Weapons do extra stress on a successful hit or have an aspect or both. Armor absorbs consequences but heavy armor imposes penalties on some skills. Equipment either lets you do something you could not (like sense poison) or adds a +1 to a skill roll.

Each character starts with three things, equipment or weapons. Equipment can also be Aspect or Stunt. And if it is, it has more narrative protection.


Academics (includes Art and Academics)
Athletics (includes Athletics, Endurance and Might?)
Close Combat (includes Fists and Weapons)
Command (Leadership and Intimidation)
Crime (includes Burglary, Deceit, Slight of Hand, Forgery?)
Mysticism (Knowledge of magic as well as Magic itself)
Pilot (includes Pilot and Drive)
Ranged Combat
Social (includes Contacting, Empathy, Rapport)


Each player would contribute one Aspect to the ship which could be tagged for plot building and general trouble making.

Defensive Armament - both mounted and in the ship's armory
Hull - used for repairs, kitbashing, and to determine stress track
Maneuverability - used for bob-and-weave stuff
Navigation - used for "how do we get there from here?" as well as ship's library
Sails - used for go-faster stuff.
Stores - used for "how much food do we have?" or "where do we keep the first aid kits?" stuff

One at +3, one at +2, two at +1, one at -1, one at -2.


The Sea of Stars as it is.
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