Magic Items (blog response)

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Magic Items (blog response)

Postby Miegael on 18th Jul, 09, 11:33

I was reading the blog entitled "Tuesday Magic Item Combat Goggles" on the blog at when I recalled something from a D&D game I currently play. The character Hephestus Magius, is a Smith Mage (nice play on words, I know). At any rate, he is, at heart, an armor and weapon smith. However, lately he has dabbled more and more into common household items. Like many items in Harry Potter and other magical settings, I have worked more and more into creating small, simple but ultimately more useful things. For example, one of my most successful and popular items are Heps Self Cleaning Dishes for the Discerning Traveler. Not a mighty item, but how valuable would never wasting time cleaning your dishes be??? Self mending and cleaning items in general would be, ultimately, more useful than a teleporter. Other items include detoxifying cups, auto sharpening cutlery, and a weather stone (that actually predicts the weather). In addition, in many fantasy settings, magic items are rare or only accessible to adventuring level characters. But, it has always seemed more sensible to create cheaper, more easily produced items of a utilitarian value. Walmart of D&D. Magic for the masses...
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Re: Magic Items (blog response)

Postby rlyeh on 18th Jul, 09, 22:34

Eberron has done a fair bit with the common magic idea and that has been quite interesting. How much you can get away with depends on the game world. The Sea of Stars is very high magic, so dancing plates and singing cutlery is fine, as are useful household magic items, but in a more magic poor setting . . . maybe they would seem out of place.
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